About us

Resin creations inspired by the patterns within nature, bringing the outdoors inside the home.

A few words from Kate

“It is my belief that nature really is the cure"

Going outside makes us feel better inside, for sure! The Resin Reserve was founded under the principle that "Mother Nature knows best" - it’s cheesy, but She really is the best designer!

I am passionate about nature. Anything from ocean waves to desert sunsets; slices of natural crystal formations to the cross-section of fruit; patterns in the sky to the geometry in animal prints. 

I bring this beauty, that inspires us all, into our homes and create one of a kind pieces that embody the positivity of nature. 

Entropy Resins

The Resin Reserve uses Entropy Resins; a bio-based resin made with "Super Sap" technology instead of more traditional petroleum-based products. This means the products are made with a reduced carbon footprint and reduced power and water consumption. Entropy Resins has the greener ethos of “making things better” and I try to consider the ethical implications of my work on the environment. 



The Resin Reserve has been featured in the November 2020 edition of "Meet the Maker" by Epoxycraft. They discuss Kate’s journey; her brand for The Resin Reserve and why she uses Entropy Resins.

Please check it out on their website over here!